I delayed posting this on the 1st of June - Pride Month, because I knew that there would be plethora of posts about Pride. But what does it really mean to be an Active Ally for the LGBTQ+ Community?

Being an Ally is just not for 1day or 1week or 1 year. Active Allyship means that we should be Active Allies ALL the time. Allies can be some of the most effective and powerful voices for the LGBTQ+ Community but you have to be consistent, active and do a lot of self work.

So below are a few tips, to help you on your Active Allyship Journey. It is going to be hard work. YOU have to put in the work. And this is what stops many people from being effective Active Allies.

So firstly, understand what an Ally is. An Ally is someone who uses their power and privilege to advocate for people with marginalised identities.

But also remember that Allyship is also:

  1. Self Education

  2. Listening

  3. Having difficult conversations an creating safe spaces at work to have these conversations

  4. Acknowledging your privilege and using you privilege to create change

  5. Being Brave and Bold

  6. Speaking up when you see or hear an injustice

  7. Staying engaged - even after pride month ends

  8. Using your platform to create positive change

  9. Learning - from your mistakes

  10. Confronting your won prejudices and bias

  11. Knowing that language matters

Allyship is a life long journey with no end. It just takes one person to be an active and other employees step up. So remember, LGBTQ+ Allyship is not just about the rainbow flags and the month of June, think of it as an ACTION 365 days of the year!

Over the Months of June, July and August, I am running Active Allyship Workshops. Speak to your organisation about coming on one of the workshops and bring a colleague. for further details, contact me chikere@inclucive.co.uk

Remember, Allyship is a marathon, not a sprint.

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