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Race, Allyship, Anti-Racism and Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent Workshops

"I can honestly say that was the best hour I have spent for a long time. Great content, it packed a punch, and was so thought -provoking" Snr HR Director - Tech Company

I launched a number of Workshops to help organisations to address the lack of knowledge within Diversity & Inclusion, in particular race. The Workshops are safe spaces for Employees to come together, talk, learn and get a better understanding of what its means to be an Ally, Anti-Racist, biases and actions to take. Duration of workshops are 2 and a half hours long, so great for a lunch and learn session with your team.

To book a Workshop contact me: chikere@inclucive.co.uk.

The workshops are:





This workshop is great for anyone involved in Recruitment & Talent Management

TO BOOK, CONTACT: chikere@inclucive.co.uk

I am also available for webinars, Consultancy work and as a Keynote speaker.

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