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Even in war there is Racism!

Just as we thought we were getting back to "normal", whatever "normal" is now, there is conflict in Ukraine and many people are fleeing. Humans - White, Black and Brown are trying to survive but still, not all humans are equal. African, Caribbean, Asian and other students/people of colour stuck in Ukraine are facing racism whilst they also try to survive. Reports have said they are being pushed back and prevented from boarding trains and left stranded at Railway stations, borders and even being shot at simply because of the colour of their skin.

There are thousands of International Students at the University of Kyiv in Ukraine and many of these students are trying to get out of Ukraine but are being prevented by both Ukrainian and Polish boarder guards. I have followed one student on twitter @nzekiev and his plight has been harrowing, you can see many more at #Africansinukraine and here.

Under the UN Convention, everyone should have the same right fleeing conflict regardless of the colour of their skin or what passport they carry.

Instagram users @korrinesky has filmed and spoken about her plight as she tries to get to Romania and @toksyk27 has set up a fundraiser to help. As Allies, we have to use our platforms to amplify voices and make sure that everyone is safe. We need to apply pressure to make sure that those in positions of power make sure that the Black, Asian, POC Students are safe and not racially abused.

What can you do?

  • Use your platform to amplify the voices of those on the border or in Ukraine

  • Contact your MP, Embassies and the Press to make their plight known

  • Make as many people as possible aware of the plight Black, Brown, POC are facing and the racism they are encountering

  • Lobby the British and American Government

  • Most of the students belong to Common Wealth Countries - what is the Common Wealth doing??

  • Donate - but make sure it is genuine!

  • Do not lose interest!

There is no better time to start. It's 2022 and being Black or Brown should not mean you are dehumanised.

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