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Allyship Ambassador Programme

Updated: Jun 3

Programme Overview

 The Allyship Ambassador programme is designed to equip allies with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to advocate for and implement positive changes in their communities and workplaces. The programme will focus on education, engagement, and empowerment, providing ambassadors with the resources they need to lead inclusivity efforts effectively.

The Programme

1. Recruitment and Selection


- Application Process: Interested individuals can apply online. The application will assess their motivation, previous involvement in DEIB activities, and vision for community/company impact.

2. Training and Development


- Induction: A comprehensive introduction to the programme’s goals, expectations, and resources.

- Workshops and Seminars: Monthly training sessions covering topics such as cultural competence, effective advocacy, Active Allyship, Anti-Racism, How to have difficult conversations, and more.

3. Resource Provision


- Toolkit: Provide a toolkit that includes educational materials.

- Resource Library: Access to articles, books, videos, and other materials on allyship and related topics.

For further information and to sign up, please click here.

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