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30 Day Allyship Challenge

It’s been a year since the terrible murder of George Floyd. The 25th of May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic that shocked the world, George Floyd's murder woke up so many people to the horrors of racism faced on a daily basis by Black and Brown people in their communities and workplace.

Many people and organisations have since been on a journey of awakening – educating themselves, having conversations and an ongoing journey of learning. I have always said we need Allies – Active Allies. Allies who will use their power and privilege to create change.

But from having conversations, the difficulty faced by many is how to start, how to be an Ally, Where to find information and what workshops to attend. Allyship is a lifelong journey of self-education, having difficult conversations, learning, listening, acknowledging your privilege, staying engaged and never stopping.

So today, I am launching the 30-day Allyship Challenge to help you start. (Remember we need more Allies and this is the start of your journey). This challenge will provide you with necessary resources and guide you as you start your journey. I have provided a list of books, workshops you can attend, listening sessions, podcasts to listen to and many more.

Take the challenge with family, friends and colleagues and be on the Journey together. Don’t forget to keep a journal and take time to reflect on what you have learnt and what actions you will take. And most importantly, contact me for further details.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to start and for further details.

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