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Understand the discrimination faced by black and minority people, support, gain information and take action. You can't be an Ally unless you understand the problem.

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By Marie Prendergast - Talent Development

Being an ally is confusing, uncomfortable, frustrating, upsetting, hard work and scary. I know what you’re thinking...cry me a river! But please let me explain this self-centred statement. I am a person who thrives on fixing problems and making things better for people. My first answer to fixing things is to educate myself. So that’s what I did with BLM. I tried listening, reading and very quickly I learnt how uneducated I was. Reading made me realise how many things I was blind to, including Black history and inequalities in the System and Society. I did not understand ‘colour blindness’ and had no clue what ‘white privilege’ was. This hit me hard as I considered myself to be passionate about equality.

Also, for the first time I felt like my learning was not giving me the answers I expected. I expected to be able to discover ways I could make things better. What I did learn was that the answers were not simple, but more than ever I felt compelled to help make a change. Yes, being an ally is confusing, uncomfortable, frustrating, upsetting, hard work and scary. But it is my white privilege that actually feels those things. It is also my white privilege that I can step away from all those difficult feelings and get on with life as I know it. I am not prepared to do this. As an ally I am committing to keep listening and learning so I can help to support change.


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Part of being an Ally is Education. And making sure you, your colleagues and team are fully trained is essential

The role of an Ally is a big responsibility and in order to create meaningful and positive change it is essential that you and your team are fully trained on topics that are not always easy to speak about. I have created four training courses to get you on your way to being an effective and proactive Ally. These courses launch in November.

The courses offered are:


Unconscious Bias


Attracting & Retaining Diverse Talent

Creating an effective D&I Strategy for hiring leaders - launching mid November 2020

For further details and to book a course, please contact me at: chikere@me.com or via mobile 07590 500133

"When everyone is included, everyone wins" - Jesse Jackson

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