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Welcome aboard the Allyship – A community for Allies to support, talk and educate about diversity and inclusion.

My Story


What I Do

I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, and colleague. My life has always celebrated diversity, and my circle includes EVERYONE. At the heart of everything I do is diversity and inclusion. I established my DEIB Consultancy - Inclucive to foster positive transformation, assisting those with marginalised identities to feel included and valued. The conversation on diversity is evolving; we're engaging in more courageous and bold discussions. Remaining uninvolved or ignorant because an issue does not personally impact you is now unacceptable. Allies are essential in these dialogues to help break down oppressive structures.


Allyship exists to empower allies to become more effective and proactive. Understanding what an ally is the first step. Allyship embodies qualities such as kindness, listening, empathy, education, and acknowledgment of mistakes. An ally might not share the experiences of the marginalised groups they support, but they use their influence and privileges to advocate for change. It involves backing and defending your friends, colleagues, or any individual with a marginalised identity.


By launching this Allyship website, I aim to provide educational resources for Allies, which will empower you to offer meaningful support to your peers, friends, and employees. Essential practices for Allies include:


- Educate Yourself – this site is a resource for your learning.

- Engage attentively with your colleagues, friends, and employees with marginalised identities.

- Initiate discussions with other  individuals – your friends and relatives on what it means to be an Ally and assist in educating them.

- Recognise and own your privileges.

- Be 'colour brave' instead of 'colour blind'.


I provide education to companies, colleagues, friends, and anyone interested on the importance of being an Active Ally, explaining its significance and how to effectively offer support through a variety of resources.


I advise organisations on creating inclusive environments where every individual has the freedom to express their true, authentic selves. Additionally, I founded, a DEIB consultancy dedicated to educating organisations on Anti-Racism, Race & Allyship, creating Sustainable DEIB Strategies, and Attracting & Retaining Diverse Talent.


I provide Education and Resources to Allies, Companies, HR and Talent Acquisitions professionals and Founders on Race, Allyship, Creating Sustainable D&I Strategies and facilitating difficult conversations around Race. For further details


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