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Welcome aboard the Allyship – A community for Allies to support, talk and educate about diversity and inclusion.

My Story

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What I Do



I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend and colleague. My world has always been diverse and my friends come from all colours. Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of everything I do. I work in the City of London as a Senior Executive Recruiter and I am passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and especially ensuring that Companies hire more diverse talent. I always found it strange that many companies in such a wonderful City as London with a readymade diverse pool of talent still do not have diverse workforces. I am on a mission to help companies hire more diverse talent – from Graduate to C-Suite and also look after and nurture that talent. Recruitment needs to play a big part in this and hiring managers and internal talent teams needs to be educated and ensure that they are reaching out to diverse talent.


I have set up this blog for Allies– you are probably asking – what is an Ally when it comes to black colleagues and talent? The Oxford English Dictionary defines an Ally as a person, organisation or country that cooperates with another. But an Ally for your black colleague is much more. It means supporting and standing up for your friend, colleague or another black person or minority group for what is wrong and racism is wrong – Period! Put yourself in the position of what Black People face on a daily basis – be it subtle or overt racism.


In setting up this blog, I have drawn from a number of sources to educate Allies. This will help you support your colleagues, friends and employees. The key points for you as an Ally are:


  1. Educate Yourself – this blog will help you do that.

  2. Listen to your black colleagues, friends and employees.

  3. Have conversations with other white people – friends and family about being an Ally and help educate them.

  4. Acknowledge your privilege.

  5. Be colour brave rather than colour blind.

I educate companies, colleagues, friends and anyone who reaches out on becoming an Ally, what it means and what you can do to support by giving you access to a number of resources. I guide organisations on how to recruit diverse talent – from graduates to C-Suite and how organisations can support the movement. I am also the founder of, a D&I Consultancy on a mission to educate organisations about Anti-Racism, Race & Allyship, Creating Sustainable D&I Strategies and How to Attract & Retain Diverse Talent.

I provide Education and Resources to Allies, Companies, HR and Talent Acquisitions professionals and Founders on Race, Allyship, Creating Sustainable D&I Strategies and facilitating difficult conversations around Race. For further details

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